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When one hears “south Africa” you can’t help but imagine the warmth and tranquillity of the country. South Africa is a nation rich in culture and colourful; the people are democratic and stand for what they believe. South Africa has 11 official languages, which represents the diversity of culture and people. The heritage of South Africa clearly defines how humane the people in the country are they are just and don’t tolerate unfair treatment. This scenic country is definitely one of a kind; with one of the world’s best wildlife experiences you can’t help but go “wild” when visiting.

In this country you find summer all year round. This volunteer programme is located and held in the City of Durban- South Africa’s playground Durban is the home of fun. The beauty in Durban and its surrounding areas is breath taking. The KwaZulu-Natal Midlands Meander, located just 136kms out of Durban is one of South Africa’s most famous routes. This route is known as an arts and craft route with breath taking scenery that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Also known as 'Surf City', Durban is renowned for its ‘insane’ beaches. An expansive paved promenade offers access to the best of these beaches – the Golden Mile – where joggers, cyclists, dog owners, surfers, bodyboarders and walkers enjoy early-morning and late-afternoon exercise, the best thing is that Durban Green Corridor’s Green Hub is along this promenade, so you get to work in one of the best environments.

Why Volunteer in Durban with Durban Green Corridors? 

Plunging into a new culture and experience a different way to see the world is one of the key learning aspects of our volunteer program. Living in a new and non-familiar environment and working in a Zulu community in South Africa is part of that unique and requires a special amount of courage. Durban Green Corridor aims to engage young people from various countries in our community development programs around Durban. It is a highly beneficial learning experience for both the volunteers and the community. You as a volunteer will learn a lot about yourself and it gives you the chance to develop cross-cultural communication skills. Further, by sharing your skills and contributing to community based projects, locals get the chance to expand their knowledge and learn from you. Become a volunteer for Durban Green Corridor for a life-changing experience!

1. The Beaches 

The diverse and wonderful coastline is irresistible and one can’t help but enjoy being at Blue Lagoon where the coastline is well preserved. Have fun in the sun whilst also learning about the environment or simply share your expertise as a volunteer on what can be done better in our environment.

2. The Food

At Durban Green Corridor we pride ourselves in the communities we operate within and all that they have to offer. Experience real zulu cuisine and shisa nyama (traditional bbq) that is like no other in the world. As Durban is called the 'Indian City of South Africa', you will also taste spicy curries and the famous bunny chow.

3. The Scenery

Experience the beautiful coast and pass the green hills of Natal – there are breathtaking elements everywhere. We are situated in a warm and bright part of KwaZulu-Natal.

4. Outdoor lifestyle

Soccer, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing and bmxing; South Africans know how to give visitors a good time and at Durban Green Corridor we are full of energy and appreciation for the outdoors.

5. Great Accommodation

Our volunteers are accommodated right next to the project site at the Ezweni Lodge and can enjoy the beauty of eNanda Dam while engaging with the locals! “step into the life of a rural eNanda local”

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